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FishGLOBE - better for the farmer - better for the fish

FishGLOBE - a closed fish farming technology which is designed to make the salmon industry even better


- more profitable, more sustainable and with higher fish welfare.


- A multi solution for use in combination with regular fish cages.

FishGLOBE for closed fish farming - postmolt

FishGLOBE represents a significant advance in fish welfare, as well as leading to a significant environmental benefit. Fish Globe is developed for fish welfare and health, as well as to ensure environmental considerations for future requirements for aquaculture industry. Knowledge of aquaculture industry needs and challenges, fusing with technical solutions that meet today's challenges to environment, health and economy.


FishGLOBE a cost effective construction

In order to get low enough operating costs, the construction is made in a way that high oxygenation during normal operation is not needed. Oxygen is transported to the fish by supplying large quantities of new water. There is a big pipe for waste water in the centre of the globe, and many water feed pipes. The feed pipes are placed with correct distance from the outer wall, to ensure optimal flow within the globe. These pipes are at the same time girders that stiffen the structure. The pipes therefore has a double function, to transport water in and out in a cost effective manner and to stiffen the walls. This solution makes both investment- and operating costs low. Together with improved survival and better quality of the fish, this will be economically profitable for the farmers.


FishGLOBE for treatment of lice and AGD

The treatment solutions of diseases and parasites represents a great risk to fish in farming. Fish welfare during treatment are therefore essential for farmers. Considering an great grow in the industry and increasing challenges including lice and AGD, there is currently a big need for alternative treatment. The FishGLOBE solution offers treatment of fish in a closed system. Since the top is closed, we can create an overpressure or underpressure within the globe, which gently moves fish in and out. It neither needs pumps nor physical components that fish can get in touch with. The fish will flow freely through pipes and hoses in and out of the globe. By having a sufficiently large diameter hose thus can transport large quantities of fish in a short time. Fast transport also means short time to intrude the fish in the cage. This is important; as such treatment often causes stress, wear and increased mortality in fish. The FishGLOBE solution is also perfect for taking bath treatments as hydrogen peroxide, etc. FishGLOBE system makes it easy to control volume and water circulation for good distribution of both oxygen and active ingredient.


FishGLOBE for freshwater treatment

FishGLOBE can also be used for fresh water treatment. FishGLOBE is filled with fresh water, then fish is "pumped" in. By using a separator, we separate seawater at the same time as it sorts out cleaner-fish, before the treatment in freshwater. It is known that treatment of salmon in freshwater, has good effect on both lice and AGD. Since there is water circulation with oxygen, and in addition CO2 removal, the fish can go in fresh water for a long time to get a good treatment.


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