Tor Hellestøl
Arne Berge
Geir Arntsen

General Manager

Development and market

Tor has extensive industrial experience from the defence- and oil & gas industry. For the last 20 years, he has had various management positions at company / group level as MD and / or EVP. He also has wide board experience from various companies as well as non-commercial organizations.

He is a graduate mechanical engineer and business economist.

Arne has throughout his professional life worked in the aquaculture industry. He has experience from farming as well as research and also with sale and consulting business development. He is constantly passionate about developing the industry and use the potential that exists.


He is a graduate engineer in technical environmental protection and aquaculture and he also has a business degree.

​​​​​Tel: + 47 481 17 255


Tel: + 47 926 26 263


Quality and Risk Advisor


Geir has several years’ experience as COE, Executive Director and Executive board member. He has worked across industries as an HSEQ Advisor, consulting major oil and energy companies like Saga Petroleum and Equinor and various aqua companies.


Geir has a M.Sc. Petroleum/ Safety Technology Engineering and a B.Sc. in Mechanics.

Tel: + 47 415 10 001


Perly Annette Berge


Perly has several years’ experience with office and has also worked with graphic design for many years.

In addition to taking care of accounting documents, she also prepares the company's graphic material.

Tel: + 47 481 29 971


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