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Tor Hellestøl


Tor has extensive industrial experience from the defence- and oil & gas industry. For the last 20 years, he has had various management positions at company / group level as MD and / or EVP. He also has wide board experience from various companies as well as non-commercial organizations.

He is a graduate mechanical engineer and business economist.

​​​​​Tel: + 47 481 17 255


Arne Berge


Arne has throughout his professional life worked in the aquaculture industry. He has experience from farming as well as research and also with sale and consulting business development. He is constantly passionate about developing the industry and use the potential that exists.


He is a graduate engineer in technical environmental protection and aquaculture and he also has a business degree.

Tel: + 47 926 26 263


Tor Magne Madsen_svhv.jpg
Tor Magne Madsen


Tor Magne has a long and various experience in the Oil&Gas industry. The last 10 years he has worked with entering new companies into new markets and new concepts to existing clients. Prior to that he has been managaing projects and project portofolios.

Tor Magne holds a B.Sc in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Stavanger.

Tel: + 47 997 12 295


Liv Håland svart hvit uten bakgrunn_edited.jpg
Liv Håland

COO - Biology

Liv has a wide experience from the feed industry. One of her  past experience was to develop tools for growth and production planning. She has a large and wide understanding of the biological and practical aspect of our industry


She is Can.Scient. in Aqua cultur from the University of Bergen.

Tlf: + 47 408 79 588


Eivin Berge

Operational Support 


Eivin has more than 25 years' experience from the aquaculture industry. In the past he has worked in Eiane Smolt and Cargill. 

Eivin came from Grieg Seafood where he since startup of the globe has been in charge as the operational manager.

Eivin will lead startup and support clients globally with new globes and projects. 

Tel: + 47 909 27 344


Tommy Nordbøe


Tommy has a long experience as finance director, managing director, project management and various board of directors roles. Most of his professional experience are in the oil & gas sector. He do have a experience in other industries like real estate and accounting. The recent years he have been focusing on develop and professionalize smaller companies.


Tommy hold a M.Sc in  Economics and finance.

Tel: + 47 416 97 549

Solveig Nygaard


Solveig is our consultant veterinarian. She support us in all matters related to fish welfare and technology development.

Solveig is educated as specialist veterinarian for fish,

She has a long track record in our industry and was Director in FoMAS. She was also the global fish health manager in Grieg Seafood until recently.  

Tlf: + 47 901 97 616


Andres Lara

Andres has 25 years of experince with projects from the ship and the aquaculture industry. 

He has experience of sourcing large industrial projects from yards worldwide and has had experinence with leading complex aquaculture projects from his former postions.


Andres has two engineering  bachleor degrees from Chile. 

Tlf: + 47 959 08 565


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