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Business Concept


FishGlOBE AS business concept is to develop and sell closed farming technology that covers fish farmers need to produce high quality postsmolt in an environmentally friendly and cost-effective manner. The company has the rights to patented new type of closed floating farms, called FishGLOBE. The companys activityes is product development, mounting / assembly of globes, sale and service.

This solution is designed for salmonfarming in sea, and will be built and operated at costs that make it profitable for farmers. It is also completely closed, not only the bottom and walls, but also the roof is closed. This makes it even safer for escaping and less contact with the surrounding environment will be beneficial. The buoyancy chambers are located inside the globe, it has therefore a form that is resistant to rough weather. The possibility of sealing the top gives it a unique ability to move fish in out, and can therefore also be used to treat salmon for sea lice and AGD.


Great market

The wellboat industry is experiencing a rapid growth, and it is mainly due to the needs for treatment of fish. The newest and largest wellboat costs about NOK 200-300 millions. In comparison, an investment of a FishGLOBE V5 only costs about 4-5 % of this. The FishGLOBE V5 offers most of the same solutions that these wellboats, and it has approximately the same capacity. Our goal is that every farmer should have their own unit for quickly and efficiently treatment, and not dependent on waiting for a wellboat. By becoming familiar with handling FishGLOBE for treatment, we assume that the threshold for adopting FishGLOBE for farming also will be lower.


In a FishGLOBE unit of about 3,500 m3, we can feed about 250,000 fish to about one kilo (post smolts). This is a solution that is needed in the industry, and several different concepts are therefore being tested. The industry itself has expressed a need for closed solutions at about 20 % of the production cycle in the sea. This is to reduce exposure to sea lice, and to have a more stable environment for the fish. With a growth in the industry of 4 % per year, the production in Norway will increase to 3,000,000 tons in 2030. If 20 % of the production is in closed facilities in the year 2030, it means that about 600 000 tonnes should be in closed units. By comparison, total production in 2010 was 1 000 000 tonnes. In other words, in 2030 there will be salmon in closed facilities according to half of the production in 2010. Based on this, we can see that the market for such solutions is huge.


Closed aquaculture is profitable

Closed systems have a reputation that says that the production cost will increase. Calculations made on FishGLOBE, shows that this is profitable for the farmer. Construction investment will not give particularly higher production cost, power cost is also very low, and will only represent NOK 1 per kilo. However when it comes to lice treatment there are big savings with this solution. In addition, by launching of post-smolts (1 kilo), the production time in the net pen system will be reduced. Farmers can produce almost twice as much salmon for the same investment in net cages, and harvest fish twice within two years, compared with today once per two years.


The solution is innovation

FishGLOBE aims to be the main solution to achieve this. In addition to the farming, FishGLOBE has the ability to treat fish in an environmentally friendly manner. By using treatment with fresh water, the treatment costs also will be reduced, while fish welfare is increasing. FishGLOBE can therefore help to overcome two important needs that the industry has. The FishGLOBE concept is not primarily a competitor to traditional farming in fish cages, but a solution to make this even better and more profitable.

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