R & D


Size: 80 cbm
Capacity: 5 tons of fish
Diameter / height: 5 m

R & D location, seawater
Broodstock, freshwater
Fingerlings, freshwater

FishGLOBE V4 Fingerlings


Size: 600 cbm

Capacity: 50 tons of fish

Diameter / height: 11 m



R & D location, seawater

Broodstock, freshwater
Fingerlings, freshwater

Fingerlings, seawater

Facts about FishGLOBE


Size: 3 500 cbm

Capacity: 250 tons of fish

Diameter / height: 19 m

Hs > 2,0 m / >1,25 m/s




Freshwater Treatment
Slaughter cage





Fish farming


Size: 31 000 cbm

Capacity: 2 000 tons of fish

Diameter / height: 35 m

Hs > 2,3 m / >0,5 m/s



Fish farming






  • FishGLOBE represents a new and innovative solution for closed aquaculture as the industry needs. FishGLOBE is closed in the top, this provides security for escaping and protects from surrounding environment. For example are sloshing from surface water with sea lice copepodites impossible. The solution therefore has more stable environment than similar solutions, which is good for the fish's health and well-being.


  • FishGLOBE represents a new and improved way for delousing / treatment of salmon lice and parasites. The fish are gently transported from traditional cages into a FishGLOBE for safe and gentle treatment. After treatment, the fish is transported in the same gentle way back to the cage.


  • FishGLOBE also has the ability to treat fish in fresh water, which is a very environmentally friendly method of treatment.


  • FishGLOBE has integrated solutions for gently tapping fish in and out. Closed ceilings give the opportunity to pressurization. Therefore we do not need pumps. The fish "flows" unhindered through pipes without vanes or other things that can harm the fish.


  • FishGLOBE is equipped with many feeding pipes and many pumps. It is also used standard pumps and known solutions for water distribution. This is for maximum safety and unwanted mortality. The concept is designed to easily make pump shifts and for easy cleaning of pumps and pipes, which is important to ensure biofilm to a minimum and to reduce risk of disease.


  • FishGLOBE can replace wellboat by transport of fingerling and transport to the slaughter, this reduce numbers of handlings and will therefore give better fish welfare.


  • FishGLOBE also has more protected and stable environment by controlling the light. This prevents unwanted fouling on strainers and gives stable conditions for the fish.


  • FishGLOBE have the ability to add oxygen at low content of oxygen in supplied water. In addition there are alarm systems which automatic add oxygen if necessary.


  • FishGLOBE has a sturdy construction and is able to withstand more exposed waves.


  • FishGLOBE can for shorter periods be closed for recycling of water, if the supplied water contains unwanted pathogens etc. There are solutions for CO2 removal in addition to oxygenation.


  • FishGLOBE's operating concept ensure few and secure operations by boat / crane. This means less risk of escaping etc.


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