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FishGLOBE 3.5K

Size: 3500 cbm

Capacity: 75 kg/cbm

Diameter/height: 22m/19m


70-80 kW Power consume

Onshore power supply

50 kg/h O2 consume

Wave 2,5m Hs - 6.08s periode


In full operation- Great results


Size 10 000 cbm

Capacity 75 kg/cbm

Diameter/height: 32m/24m

110-130 kW Power consume

Onshore power supply

150 kg/h O2 consume

Wave: 2,5m Hs - 6.08s periode


Design done - Ready for construction





Size: 30 000 cbm

Capacity: 75 kg/cbm

Diameter/height: 44m/30m

300-400 kW Power consume

Onshore power supply

400-500 kg/h O2 consume

Wave: 2,33m Hs - 5.65s periode





Facts about FishGLOBE

  • Sea lice

    • With sea inlet below the sea lice belt- We eliminate the intake of sea lice, if we get it into the cage our large water circulation eliminates condition for sea lice re-production.

    • One of our industry biggest challenges is the treatment of sea lice- Under operation we still have had any cost of sea lice treatment

  • Escape

    • FishGLOBE is build in a solid material Polyethylene (HDPE) profiles leaving us with double barrier for escaping

  • Sludge control

    • FishGLOBE has developed a system for collection all of the sludge from the production leaving a minimum footprint to the environment

  • Premier fish welfare

    • Our water circulation leaving the cage with a complete water change out of 3x water volume pr. hour leaving us with a controlled environment for fish welfare - Proved by healthy fish and low mortality. 

  • Increased growth 

    • With excellent control on the particles the operator can see all the feed returning back - This gives us the possibility of precision feeding on a whole new level compared with similar technology 

    • The high circulation gives us low CO2 levels and stabile O2 level over 90% - We've proved this in operation with higher than 70 kg/cmb . ​​

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